Equine Wellness Care

Horses, like all animals, require wellness veterinary care. In addition to needing proper feeding, hygiene, hydration, exercise and a comfortable home environment, they need regular medical examinations in order to thrive. Adult horses should be seen by a veterinarian annually. Semi-annual check-ups are recommended for horses over the age of 20 since they are considered geriatric and more prone to injury and disease. During a routine examination, the doctor will be able to assess the horse's general health and to detect any abnormality or disease process at an early stage. Regular check-ups help to ensure that the horse will lead a healthy and long life.

The Equine Check-up

Equine veterinarians make sure that the horse is healthy by assessing as much of its anatomy and physiology as possible. The following are aspects of a thorough examination:

  • Weight and girth measurement
  • Evaluation of grooming and hoof care
  • Dental examination
  • Eye examination
  • Necessary vaccinations
  • Parasite control as needed

The equine veterinarian may administer blood tests to make sure that the horse's blood count is normal and that various enzyme and hormone levels are within the expected range. If any abnormalities are detected during the check-up, the doctor may recommend further testing or dispense necessary medications. The check-up is also an appropriate time to bring up any medical or behavioral concerns.

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